The Nineteenth Century

Covering the end of the Napoleonic Wars to the 20th Century

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Making Georgia Howl! The 5th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry in the Kilpatrick’s Campaign and the Diary of Sgt William H. Harding.

By Dave Dougherty

978-1-945430-10-7 Paperback $21.00 / 978-0-996365-77-2 Hardcover $35.00 / ebook $9.99 – 550 pages

A thorough examination of Kilpatrick’s campaign in the south during the American Civil War against the background of the diary of Sgt WH Harding. This book has many illustrations and maps – all of which were specifically created for this book.

The War of the Triple Aliance

By Gabriele Esposito / Illustrated by Giuseppe Rava

978-0=997094-65-7 Paperback $30.00 166 pp

The War of the Triple Alliance an international military conflict fought in South America from 1864 to 1870 between Paraguay and the Triple Alliance of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. It was the deadliest war in Latin America’s history with an estimated 400,000 deaths.  It was particularly devastating in Paraguay which suffered catastrophic losses in population – some claim that almost 70% of its adult male population died – and was forced to cede territory to Argentina and Brazil. The main aim of this book is to present a complete presentation of the organization, uniforms and weapons of the South American armies involved in the War of the Triple Alliance. This includes eight original illustrations by noted military artist – Guiseppe Rava.

The War of the Pacific

By Gabriele Esposito / Illustrated by Angel Garcia Pinto

978-1-945430-20-6 Paperback $30.00 178 pp

The Pacific War was one of the greatest and bloodiest war ever on the west part of South America, and is one of the most important conflicts in South American history. It is also known as the ‘Saltpeter War’ or the ‘Guano War’ because the possession of these two highly profitable nitrates was the main cause of the conflict. 

This book examines the troops, uniforms and equipment used by the Chilean, Peruvian and Bolivian forces and traces the events of the war from the early naval blockades, through major pitched battles, to the final guerilla campaign in occupied Peru. The war ended in total victory for Chile, and that country’s military emergence thereafter as ‘the Prussia of South America’, while it cost Peru some lucrative provinces, and Bolivia its outlet to the Pacific coast. A lavishly illustrated book with original plates by artist Angel Garcia Pinto

A History of the Polish Revolution of 1830

By Joseph Hordynski

978-1-945430-32-9 Paperback $20.00 300 pp

An eyewitness account of one of the participants in the November Revolution of 1830-31 by Poland against the Russian Empire. It is a great primary source of information about the planning and conduct of the campaign. Contains several maps on the major battles and overall strategy. Published from the Nafziger Collection

Armies of the US-Mexican War 1846-1848

By Gabriele Esposito

978-1-950423-40-8 Paperback $30.00 123 pp

In, Armies of the US-Mexican War, Gabriele Esposito examines the organization, uniforms, and operations of the two combatants in the years 1846-1848.  The US-Mexican war is not well covered in military history, but it was a pivotal action in the histories of both the US and Mexico.

For the US, with a small professional army, it was the breeding ground for officers and strategies that marched to war in 1861. The Mexican Army was a large professional force, tempered by civil war and local uprisings.  This clash sent the two nations on different paths and with different fortunes.  This is still a colorful era for martial uniforms as shown in this excellent illustrated volume with multiple plates created just for this book.