Science Fiction

Adventures in science and beyond this world

The Terran Consensus

by Scott Washburn

978-0-990364986 Paperback $18.00 292pp

A science fiction novel set in the near future. On a lovely summer evening, naval officer Robert Hancock and his daughter, Melissa, look up to see a space battle between alien spaceships taking place in orbit above Earth. Astronaut Kay Youngs and engineer Usha Vasthare have a much closer view from the International Space Station. When one of the alien ships crash lands near an American city, the main characters find themselves drawn into an ancient interstellar war. As evidence mounts that one side in the war has been manipulating humanity for decades in hopes of turning them into unwitting allies in their conflict, the humans are faced with the fact that the other side is preparing an attack to make sure there are no Earthlings left to become allies to anyone. With time running out, the humans must decide who—if anyone—they can trust and how they can best survive the coming storm.

Legacy of Shadow

By Craig Gallant

978-0-990364-91-7 Paperback $18.00 325pp

Penumbra, a haphazard city of outcasts, rebels, and malcontents, has floated around a dead planet in a backwater system for longer than living memory can recall. Its towers abandoned starships melded to an ancient, mysterious core, Penumbra is the last remnant of chaotic individualism in a galaxy where conformity to the will of the all-powerful Galactic Council is paramount. Dropped into this dangerous mix is Marcus Wells, a human of Earth who has squandered his potential to live a life of least resistance, and his adventurous friend Justin. Immediately entangled in local politics and targeted by a vengeful representative of the Council determined to drag the city back into the fold, Marcus has a choice to make: continue following the path of least resistance and allow Penumbra to fall, or show these aliens what a truly determined Human can accomplish.

Beyond Antares: Open Signal

Edited by Brandon Rospond

978-1-945430-05-3 Paperback $18.00 256 pp Gates of Antares Series

This is the universe of the Seventh Age of Humanity and the setting for the game called Beyond the Gates of Antares. Travel through Antarean dimensional gateways to the galaxy spanning empires of the PanHuman Concord and Isorian Senatex, and to the myriad worlds of the Determinate and beyond. Board the glittering space borne cities of the Vardari, the great mercantile powers of Antarean space, and confront foes as implacable as the Ghar and as merciless as the Renegade NuHu Shards.

This anthology represents the first step upon a path that promises to take us to new stars and undiscovered worlds. It is a living, breathing universe, and one that we intend to realize fully in the form of campaigns, background expansions.  Inside are ten short stories by new and experienced writers to introduce you to the universe of Antares, the peoples and events that make this a fascinating place for adventure.

Beyond Antares: Dimensional Gates

Edited by Brandon Rospond

978-0-997094-66-4 Paperback $18.00 320 pp Gates of Antares Series

A collection of ten stories by experianced and up and coming authors that include Scott Washburn and Robert Waters explore a variety of stories in the universe of the Gates of Antares.

Beyond Antares: Markov’s Prize

By Mark Barber

978-1-945430-29-9 Paperback $18.00 300pp Gates of Antares Series

Markov’s Prize is an isolated planet within the Determinate, cut off since the 6th Age. Its human population have thrived and advanced over the centuries but now, recently rediscovered, they find themselves simultaneously invaded by the aggressive and bloodthirsty Ghar Empire and the expansionist PanHuman Concord. The Ghar are looking to plunder the planet for resources and slaves while the Concord desire to assimilate the planet into their collective whole, believing it to be the best course of action for the Concord and the planet’s people.

Strike Commander Ryen Tahl is a soldier in the PanHuman Concord, responsible for a Company of some sixty troopers who are at the forefront of the invasion. Previously a famous martial arts champion with a deadly reputation, he has softened and matured over the years and now prioritizes the safety of his men and women above all else.

Tahl’s Company is not Special Forces; there is no secret mission and no universe changing event they will be involved in. They are ordinary people embroiled in the daily operations of a front line war against a vicious adversary and the stoic defenders of Markov’s Prize.

Across the Great Rift

By Scott Washburn

978-1-945430-31-2 Paperback $18.00 346 pp

The new empires, which have arisen from the rubble of a devastating war, are looking with greedy eyes across the Great Rift to the untouched stars which lie there. Great riches and power will come to those who can control them. But a rival power is determined to hijack the attempt and has secreted an agent in the expedition to disrupt it with sabotage and murder. With the political and military personnel dead, the task of carrying on falls to the engineers and technicians. Their operation is further complicated by the fact that the far side of the Rift is not as uninhabited as it was supposed to be. Refugees from the earlier, destroyed civilization have already made a home here and they look upon the newcomers with decidedly mixed emotions. The crew must try to win the trust of the natives if they are to have any hope against the coming enemy attack.

The Great Martian War: America In Flames

By Scott Washburn

978-1-945430-58-9 Paperback $25.00 700 pp The Great Martian War Series

The three books of the first trilogy for the Great Martian War – a continuation of HG Wells, War of the Worlds. Taking place ten years after the original martian invasion as featured in HG Wells, War of the Worlds, this trilogy contains the books: Invasion, Breakthrough and Counterattack plus linking short stories.  The United States reels unders the invasion of the second wave of martian attackers.  President Theodore Roosevelt enlists the brightest minds of science to help combat the alien invasion.

The Great Martian War: The Texas Front – Salient

By Jonathan Cresswell-Jones and Scott Washburn

978-1-945430-30-5 Paperback $18.00 325 pp The Great Martian War Series

The Martian invaders have overrun the American heartland. Between the Mississippi and the Rockies, only Texas holds out, written off by the high command in Washington, and with revolution brewing in Mexico. Texas has become the Martians’ new target. Across the Lone Star State, soldiers, Rangers, and civilians alike prepare to repel the next attack, outmatched and outgunned – yet undaunted. Governor Colquitt and General Funston plan to build their own weapons, raise their own armies, and perhaps take the war into their own hands. But the Martians may not be their only concern… 

The Great Martian War: The Gathering Storm

By Scott Washburn

978-1-945430-59-6 Paperback $18.00 325 pp. The Great Martian War Series

The Great Martian War continues in this next installment by Scott Washburn.  While President Roosevelt defends the US, the British Empire rallies to repel this alien foe again, as a young Winston Churchill helps to rally international forces. Not all the world sees the martians as a threat, however, and some see them as leverage against Britain.  As the military tries to come up with solutions, the international arena takes the stage.