Ancient History

Ancient History covers the areas of early man to the 500’s AD.

The Gallic Wars by Julius Caesar. Caesar’s account of his wars in Gaul, Germany and Britain. In addition to this great translation of Caesar’s history, it includes maps, images and a series of appendices covering warfare, the different Gallic tribes and Roman Society. Available as a paperback, ebook and limited edition hardcoer with color images.

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Caesar’s Civil War by Julius Caesar. Caesar’s history of the Civil War against Pompey and the Optimates describes the steps leading up to and during the fight for the mastery of the Roman Republic.  Written by the Roman general, statesman and dictator, it was supposedly written right before his death in 44 BCE.

Winged Hussar’s version is edited in a friendly style filled with the background information to allow the novice or the expert on the period understand the background of this momentous period in Roman history.  In addition to Caesar’s wonderful text, there are several appendices to give background to the period and people as well as maps and illustrations.

Paperback 978-0-9896926-1-8 $18.00

The Late Roman Army combines the research of Gabriele Esposito with the illustrations of Giuseppe Rava, to cover the period  from the ascension of Diocletian to the Fall of the west in the 5th century.  This volume contains over 70 illustrations, four maps and several diagrams, including shield designs from the Notitia Dignitatum, including the list of all the units covered in this document.  There is an outline of the history of the period, the organization and battles of the period from 284 to 476.  At 169 pages – all in full color- this is a great handy reference for students, painters and modelers.

Paperback 978-0-9963657-9-6 $30.00

Stratagams by Sextus Julius Frontius & Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus. The choice of these two works – Stratagems and On Military Matters in one volume allows the reader a bookend of Roman military theory and style.  Stratagem was written in the first century AD by noted engineer and soldier, Sextus Julius Frontius.  Rather than a specific outline of tactics, it is examples of strategies employed by other generals over time that could be, presumably learned by commanders and applied as the situation arose.  This is somewhat similar to the style Plutarch uses in describing the lives of the notable Greeks and Romans in his book, Parallel Lives.  On Military Matter, on the other hand, was written near the end of the western Empire in the fourth century AD, as a manual of how an army should be organized and used.  Little is known about its author, Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus, beyond this work and another on veterinary medicine. Available as a paperback and ebook.

Paperback 978-0-9889532-3-9 $18.00 Ebook 978-1-6201809-6-9 $9.99