Enlightenment, Revolutionary Wars & Napoleon


Operations of the Allied Army Under the Duke of Brunswick: 1757 – 1766

By Sir Charles Hotham-Thompson

978-1-945430-41-1 Paperback 225 pp $18.00

This work was originally published in 1764 and its author was a British officer who served with the Duke of Brunswick against the French as they moved north from the Rhine to push into Hanover.  It is a detailed account of all operations, actions, and maneuvers.  Seven battles are covered in detail and supported by maps.  The original work has been modified to make following it on modern maps by correcting the spellings of German city names to their modern spellings, or, when they have been absorbed into larger cities that has been annotated.  In addition, biographies of several of the Duke of Brunswick’s staff officers have been added.  In the original form the author was anonymous, but he has been identified and his biography also included.

Orphan Eagles

by Vincent W. Rospond.

Orphan Eagles begins on the plains of Italy to the fields at Waterloo the Polish troops in Napoleon’s armies fought for the Emperor and the hope of restoring their ancient homeland.  This book contains over 175 illustrations, most in color describing the men, arms, uniforms and battles of the Polish troops during the years 1796 – 1815. The most complete book on the Polish Armies of the Napoleonic Wars available in English.  It includes a list of every battle the troops took part in and several useful maps.

Paperback 978-0-990364-90-0 176pp $30.00

The Polish Army in 1775

By Gabriel Nicholas Raspe

978-0-988953-24-6 Paperback 150 pp $35.00

Gabriel Raspe was one of the early chroniclers of military unifoms producing volumes on several armies of the day.  This full-color edition is translated from an original copy of this rare book, rarely seen in its entirety in the west.  

Operations of the Polish Army in the 1809 Campaign

by Roman Soltyk

Originally published in 1841, Operations of the Polish Army during the 1809 Campaign, by General Roman Soltyk, is not a simple recitation of the events of the war; it is a reasoned critique of the operations of the Polish Army, disputing its territory and its liberties from the Austrian Army foot by foot.  It was written by a man who was personally familiar with the people and events discuss in this work.  Using original material along with his memoirs, General Soltyk lays out a fascinating and detailed account of the little researched, but equally important theater of war.

The Author

Roman Soltyk was the son of a Polish general who fought in the Russian Campaign of 1812 in the army of the Duchy of Warsaw, survived the wars and was an officer in the army of the Kingdom of Poland.  Soltyk joined underground patriotic organizations in the 1820’s and commanded troops in the November Insurrection of 1830-31.  He eventually emigrated to France where he wrote histories of the Napoleonic Wars and the November Uprising.

Paperback 978-1-945430-37-4 194pp $20.00

Polish Guard Lancers: Uniforms & Equipment 1807-1815 by George Lubomski. Richly illustrated with many pictures and sources never seen before. This is the complete history of the famed Polish lancers from their founding as an honor guard for Napoleon. The lancers are easily one of the most famous and recognizable units of the Napoleonic Wars.  With over 250 illustrations – most in color, this is a must have for students of history or people interested in the era.  This book is full of many hard to find photos of uniforms, weapons and standards.

Hardcover 978-1-945430-72-5 250 pp $60.00

The Grand Duchy of Warsaw by George Nafziger & M. Wesolowski. This book contains two previously published books in one volume on the Polish and Lithuanian forces of the Napoleonic Wars.

This new edition of The Army of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw from the Nafziger Press covers the history, organization and uniforms of what was Napoleon’s most loyal ally.  The parts of the work drawn from Polish language sources were the work of M. T. Wesolowski.  Those from French sources were translated by G.N. Nafziger. This covers the Poles and Lithuanians that made up troops covering 1796 to 1815.

The Operations of the 7th Polish Light Cavalry Division in the Leipzig Campaign was originally entitled Journal Historique des Opérations militaries de la 7e  division de cavalerie légère polonaise, faisant partie du 4th corps de la cavalerie de reserve sous les orders de M. le Générl de division Sokolnicki; Depuis la reprise des hostilités au mois d’août 1813, jusque’au passage du Rhin, au mois de novembre de la même année [Historical Journal of the Military Operations of the 7th Division of Light Polish Cavalry Forming Part of the 4th Reserve Cavalry Corps from the Month of August 1813 to the Crossing of the Rhine, to the Month of November of the Same Year.] Examines the operational history of the cavalry division by the participants during the crucial period of the 1813 campaign.

Paperback 978-1-9454430-81-7 160 pp $20.00

The Polish Legions in Italy by Leonard Chodzko. This is a translation of Leonard Chodzko’s two-volume history of the Polish Legions in one volume based on his interviews with survivors and original documents. In addition to the detailed history, Chodzko provides copies of documents that that helped support his writing. In addition, this volume contains maps and images related to the topic. Translated by George Nafziger.

Paperback 978-1-950423-12-5 532 pp $21.00

Armies of the War of 1812

By Gabriele Esposito

978-1-945430-03-9 Paperback 160 pp $30.00

A complete guide to the armies, weapons and uniforms of the War of 1812, written by Gabriele Esposito  This work will cover the US, British, native and Canadian forces that fought in the conflict, often call the second war for independence.  The book will contain a history of the war, battles, key figures as well as maps and figures.

British Light Infantry Tactics

By James MnIntrye

978-0-996365-703 Paperback 120 pp. $12.99

James McIntyre examines the development of British light infantry, from its origins on the Hungarian frontier to the plains of North America.  The author examines the lessons learned, forgotten and renewed in the Continental Army

Thoughts of A Hessian Officer: On What Has to Be Done During A Tour With A Detachment In the Field

By Johann Ewald, translated by James McIntyre

978-1-950423-10-1 Hardcover $18.00 150pp

Johan Ewald was a Hessian officer who wrote this treatise on skirmish tactics from his experiences in the American Revolution. Ewald was a first hand observer on how light infantry were used in the broken country of North America which put done in this treatise. Translated into several language, it was influential in the development of light infantry tactics in the 19th century.

Bad Roads and Poor Rations

By Adrian Mandzy, PhD

978-1-950423-30-9 Paperback $40.00 220pp

Using miniatures from multiple manufacturers to showcase action, Bad Roads and Poor Rations provides the history of forty-four battles across the War of 1812, on the land and water. Armies from the Young American Republic, the British Empire and Native Americans play out across the pages of this book. Using 67 maps and 165 illustrations, the author lays out the probable orders of battle, a brief overview of the action and scenarios to allow the reader to re-fight the battles of the War of 1812. This is useful for gamers and historians interested in the War of 1812.