What’s new December 2017 – Nafziger, Antares and Poland

Operations of the Polish Army During the 1809 Campaign by Gen. Roman Soltyk is the latest publication from the Nafziger Collection.  Coming soon, Case White – the German Operations in the September 1939 Campaign, The 1830 Revolution in Poland, Operations of the Allied Army under the Duke of Brunswick are coming out in the next few months.

Coming soon from Zmok books is The Great Martian War: Counterattack – Book 3 in the Great Martian War by Scott H. Washburn is out in December.  City of the Gods: The Cross of St. Boniface by Robert E. Waters is the next of our books set in the ancient city of Starybogow, which should also be out in December.  Coming soon is the first novel set in the Beyond the Gates of Antares called, Ghosts of Antares by Michael E. Lee.



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