Vincent Rospond

Vincent W. Rospond received his Master’s in Eastern European History from the University of Illinois as well as studying at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. He has spent almost 20 years as an executive in the publishing and gaming industry. Vincent caught the history bug early and has spent the past 50 years collecting books and miscellanea covering his interests. His first book was Polish Armies of the Partitions 1771 – 1794 by Osprey Publishing, he has written articles on a variety of historical periods. He currently lives at the sunny New Jersey shore with his wife, kids and dog.

Consumer Reviews

  1. I have questions about the publication The Polish Army in 1939 Paperback
    by Vincent W. Rospond. Many books by you, are translations of older documents. if this book m follows the same pattern, it might merely contain translated documents I already have, and there would be no point in my ordering this book. On he other hand, if it is a completely new and original work, OR, if it is a translations of documents I don’t have, then I should find it very useful Is this a new publication, or simply a translation of older ones. If the latter, what are the publications that is offers?.

    • Hi Mark,

      It is a combination of older and newer sources. I used Neuberger and Zaloga, but also a variety of other articles and publications to put this together. I tried to find examples of all the different pieces of equipment used by the Polish forces used during the campaign. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Best


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