The Great Martian War: Invasion! by Scott Washburn

This is a sample chapter of, The Great Martian War: Invasion!, by Scott Washburn.  The full book will be available in January 2016.  Having been beaten back from their initial foray in Britain at the turn of the century, Martian warships land in the American west.  Using limited technology, U.S. forces must fight the Martians with improvised technology.

The Great Martian War – Sample Chapter

Scott Washburn is an architectural designer by profession, an avid reader of military history as well as long time re-enactor and wargamer.  He has written several SF&F books that are being published by Zmok Books


Consumer Reviews

  1. This book was a great read! It was well written, held my attention and didn’t get bogged down. I especially like the fact it told the story from both sides.

  2. is there a book 2 and three?

  3. I’ve written a couple of Sci-Fi books myself and found the story telling and setting of the book to be very good. The author gives enough details to the reader that they have a very good idea about what is going on but not too many to bog down the story in details. Taking the classic H.G.Wells story to the next logical step, Mr. Washburn has set a new standard for classic Sci-Fi writing that is sure to entertain readers for years to come. I look forward to reading book 2 of series in Feb of 2017.
    Good job sir.

    • Thanks Glenn! We’ve passed your compliments on to Scott Washburn. Look for book 3 out this summer. Thank you again for your support and feedback

    • I found Book 2 to be even better. Mr. Washburn is developing his talents as both an author and a storyteller. Good Job agin. I’m looking for book 3 now.

  4. I really enjoyed book 1, and I’m currently revisiting it through the audiobook, narrated by Ray Greenley. I’m really looking forward to book 2 (it’s this month’s payday treat).

  5. In my younger days, I enjoyed H.G. Well’s books, especially War of the Worlds. When Scott Washburn’s version of the second invasion was announced, I couldn’t wait for it. This is a grand tale of epic proportions. A story where personal lives matter and decisions have global ramifications. You get to see inside the thoughts of both the Americans and their Martian adversaries. An excellent book. His mixing of real historical personalities really makes the history seem real.

    • Thanks Phil. Book 3 is out in the fall, followed shortly thereafter by the next story arc that takes us to the Texas Front.

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