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Winged Hussar 1670’s by Brandt

For all inquiries please contact us at:

Address:  1525 Hulse Road, Unit 1, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742,USA


Phone: 732-714-7000


Also, you can follow us at:

Facebook: WingedHussarPublishingLlc

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Winged Hussar Publishing and Zmok Books are happy to review proposals, but under these guidelines:

 All queries and proposals should be sent to

We are accepting proposals for original full novels and short stories, but only in finished form – the ONLY EXCEPTION is when we ask for outlines. We will accept proposals for histories not yet completed, but not previously published.

 Novel Proposals
We will require a brief (two-three pages maximum) summary of characters, plot, and your intentions/inspiration, in that order; plus the opening five chapters or so (maybe 10,000 words). If you have a website, good-sized following on social media, or are generally active in the SF community already, we’d love to hear about that sort of thing too.

 History Books

We will require a brief (two-three pages maximum) summary of the topic, what you plan to cover, sources you will be consulting, and your background of why you are qualified to write this. If you have a website, good-sized following on social media, or are generally active in history community already we’d love to hear about that sort of thing too. All history books should be original to the submitter and all sources properly cited.

This pack should be emailed to us, preferably as a RTF file, but can also be DOC or DOCX, or at a push PDF. If we like what we read, we will then ask for a full plot breakdown or the entire, finished manuscript. We typically estimate 10 weeks to read and respond to a proposal; more for a full manuscript.

Please don’t just send us a complete manuscript without a proposal outlined above – they will be discarded without acknowledgment.

What we like for publication:

  • Interesting stories about interesting things. History and fiction are both about telling a story and engaging a reader.
  • Not something trite, but there are stories that use the tried and true archetypes when combined with a new, fresh spin that make it different and unique.
  • Fully developed characters, with full emotions and act as they should in the story.
  • A fully thought out background.

For Histories

  • Detail and chronology, but not so bogged down in either to slow the pace of the read.
  • Stay focused on the topic.
  • Resources to use and some graphic material.

What We Do
We publish Science Fiction/Fantasy/Alternative History/Horror/ Espionage novels, either standalone or as part of greater series. We will also look at short works such as novellas, short stories, shot story collections or non-fiction at this time. No poetry or plays, graphic novels, or anything else that is plainly not a prose novel. They should be written for adults or readers with grown-up sensibilities. We publish in all English language territories, so minimally those rights should be available.  These rights cover print versions of books as well as e-books and audio versions.

Art Submissions
If you are an artist who is working in or would like to work in the same area we are – military history, adult SF, and fantasy – we are happy to hear from you for consideration. Please send us contact details and a URL for an online portfolio. We are always happy to consider adding you for use with color covers or greyscale illustrated maps. We’ll try to get back to you, but we do check out all URLs sent to us.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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