Beyond the Gates of Antares – Short Story Submissions

Winged Hussar is now accepting short stories based on the game, “Beyond the Gates of Antares” until June 1 2016.  Submissions can be between six and ten thousand words.  They should not feature any characters already named in the Antares Universe and should focus on the conflict between the main named civilizations used in the Antares rulebook.  Authors may submit more than one story.

Authors whose stories are chosen will be given a contract and published in a forthcoming anthology.

All submissions should be sent to

Consumer Reviews

  1. The question i have for this – what state to the stories have to be in. Draft/final draft etc?

    • We’d like them as close to final as you feel they can be. We’ll work with the authors once we decide which submissions to accept if they need tiding up. Just give it your best shot.

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